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Published: 17th August 2011
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About Karen Millen

Karen Millen was a remarkably talented woman who created the Karen Millen fashion label of women that is now famous for custom tailoring, Karen Miller Coats and Jackets, Karen Miller Dresses .

Karen Millen began her quest in 1981 with a partner Kevin Stanford. Together they established the Karen Millen brand in the UK and Ireland, Europe and finally the USA. Twenty years is a short time for such rapid progress and the Karen Millen name has attached itself to women's dresses and the signature coats and jackets that are crafted.

The story goes that the now multi million dollar business started with a small loan of a hundred pounds. The skill and talent of the original partners is responsible in getting the Karen Millen label the present position. In fact in the UK, Europe or the USA, Karen Miller is one of the top labels in women's dresses. The universal appeal of the Karen Millen label has seen growth in the brand even in the time of global down trend. This is because of the strategic positioning of the brand in the fashion world. The couture elegance and appearance and affordable pricing is a strategy that has remained unbeaten.

The Karen Millen brand designs and produces as many as a dozen collections each season that is spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each collection includes women's dresses, coats and jackets for day, work, for the special occasion and for weekend and holiday wear.

Karen Miller Dresses

Karen Millen specializes in women's dresses with emphasis on Eveningwear. Karen Millen Dresses make women look elegant and sophisticated. Karen Millen Dresses are used by celebrities and even Hollywood stars for their fine design, excellent craftsmanship and distinctive combination of contemporary styling. The uniqueness of the Karen Millen dresses lies in the fact that all processes are in house. Even the pattern cutters are part of the team, and help to perfect the exclusive fit and finish which is the USP of Karen Millen.

Thus, a Karen Millen Dress 2011 will be completely unique entity depending from which collection it has come and the function for which it was created. There will be thus a Karen Millen dress 2011 Spring Collection for work which is distinct from a Karen Miller Dress 2011 Summer Collection for weekend wear.

The success of Karen Millen label lies in the variety and creativity and the team work of the designers and ateliers that bring out the Karen Millen Dresses. Now Karen Millen lines include women's dresses, swimwear, footwear, accessories and jewelry.

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